Have Questions?    Looking for Guidance?    Making Big Decisions?

Frank Borga can help you find the solutions to your questions, find a direction for your life, and much more. With the assistance of Angels and Spirit Guides, Frank will tap into your blocks that are holding you back. And he will give you the information you need to know to move forward in your life.

Everyone has had a time in their life when they have questions. Perhaps you are at a cross-road in your life, and are not sure which direction to take. Your Angels and Spirit Guides are there to help. Frank has the ability to connect with his Angels and Guides, and then connect to yours. All of this is done to provide you with the guidance you need for your highest good. As a Clairaudient, Frank will be able to hear the messages and relay them to you. He often uses tarot/oracle cards as a tool to receive the messages clearer and faster.

Frank’s Schedule:

In Person, Phone & Skype Readings
Tuesday & Thursday nights – 
7:00pm through 9:00pm.
You will receive an email to schedule your session after payment.

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