Namaste Frank and peeps,

When I was little, I talked to spirits and no one believed me. I called them my imaginary friends. As I got older doubt set in.

I have been auto writing, and the information I get doesn’t seem to pertain to me. Is this really happening, or is it just my mind playing a trick on me. So confused … Thank you for considering an answer for me.

Light and love be with you always,
~ Nia

Dear Nia,

You absolutely talked with Spirit. You had lots of questions: Help; Gifts; and All to do with family life. I also hear the name “Belle” or “Bellie”, something close to this. That’s the name of the spirit you were speaking with as a child. This spirit is always with you.  Have no doubts.

Your automatic writing is a tool being used to reconnect. You ARE gifted. You have the ability to heal. You can also hear. Meditate more in quiet solitude, and life will become clearer while on your journey.

Do not allow others to set your path. Its time for you to choose.


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