Dear Frank and His Peeps,

I have been going thru a lot of trials and tribulations. When are things going to get better?

Thank You, Angie

* * * * * * * * * *

Hello Angie,
My Peeps are asking, when do you want things to get better? This tells me you are not telling the universe what it is you want with a positive conviction. You are just waiting for things to get better. You should pick up your spirits in matters that truly make you feel blissful. When we are happy and you know it, life becomes fulfilling and wonderful. These are the right ingredients to manifest what we want in life.

Let go of guilt in matters that do not resonate with who you are. Do not hold on to this energy, as it will wear you down. Accept that life matters do not change. Only you can change how you perceive them.

I am getting you should do some exercising to release some of your bottled up energy and let the endorphins go wild. This will give you focus and some form of meditation to help in not thinking about everyone else.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do.
Namaste ~ Frank

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