Dear Frank,

I have struggled with major depression to the point I am not able to function enough to work anymore. I retired early, at age 54. It is stable, but not healed, most days it is a struggle to get out of bed.

Question:  There is no medication or therapy that has really worked, I have been hospitalized 3 times in one year, last year.  I have been under a doctor’s care since 1999 thru present.  I pray for God to heal my mind.  Can depression be healed?  I know modern medicine has not helped at all.

Can you give any hope?  ~ Stephanie

Hello Stephanie,

Yes, depression can be healed. Unlike modern medicine where scientists are trying to create drugs to combat known calculated chemical changes in the body, the body itself knows what it needs to do to become more stable. Your answer is not going to be so simple though. I am not a doctor, so please follow your doctors orders.

You have been living your life based on what the doctors are telling you. Everything is based on a belief system that it should help you. Your body reacts to this premise of – it should help you. Because of failed attempts at curing depression and other issues, your thoughts are not solid in healing yourself. Your thoughts should be I am healed. You have to break old habits in the thought process.

First Step—Tell yourself how much you Love yourself. As often as you can think of it. Mean what you say. Tell yourself I am deserving of being healthy. Listen to these words, as they are the key in changing old thought patterns.

Second Step—Every day when you get up, start the day with telling the Universe–I FEEL GREAT—I AM HEALTHY—I AM RICH—I AM DESERVING OF ALL THE UNIVERSE HAS TO OFFER. This lets the Universe know that you are serious in your thoughts and now the Universe will start to send Love and Healing your way. You have to Trust in this. Trust is also key here.

Third Step—What are your passions? Take up something you have always wanted to do. Painting, writing, hiking and even dancing. I am to understand excising in a pleasurable way would be great for you.

Fourth Step—Change your diet. Eating a lot more fresh vegetables in your diet will help immensely. You are not getting enough nutrients to help balance your body chemistry. I also hear that performing a detox of old wastes in your body will help. This is something that can be done under guidance from a nutritionist.

This will create a change in your thought and body process for the better. This will create a healing.

A word from Archangel Michael—He says that this situation is being resolved. Your Prayer—I give any worries, cares, and concerns to you in exchange for true peace in all ways. Thank you for resolving this ( health issue ) in a divinely perfect way.

I hope this helps you get back on track. Remember, you can heal yourself if only you believe in yourself and Love yourself.

Namaste ~ Frank

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