Dear Frank,

I have hit a wall regarding believing in the signs that I have been receiving over the past year and what my intuition has been telling me, that quiet gentle voice that is confirming the signs.

I find myself losing my patience as I ask in disbelief… WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG TO BRING TO ME MY DESIRE?!! I feel as if the Universe/GOD is teasing me and I am being let down.

Please Help

~ Frank


Hello Frank,

Without even reading the message fully, it screams of frustration. The feeling of being dissed or not being heard has been with you a long time. Life has a way of getting in the way while trying to be more connected. I am to understand from my guides, there has been times when the signs were given and you failed to see them. I tell you patience is a wonderful tool in connecting to the spirit realm. Also, dedication in being spiritual lets the angels, spirit and guides trust in you. Trust in what you ask for, and believe in yourself. It starts with you.

I was gifted with a spirit twin from childhood, but I did not realize until 8 years ago. I still work very hard to maintain a balance of life and being spiritual. I allow the universe to bring to me what it is I need to move forward. I trust in the universe and I send my wishes out. With the love that I have for myself, being appreciative and not allowing negativity to enter into my thoughts, the universe has not let me down. Look inside and trust in yourself, that is where to begin. Know that you are deserving of everything the universe has to offer. This gift belongs to all who take their power back and believe.

Again, have patience. The journey is not a short one, but a never ending ride of joy.


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