Dear Frank,

My name is Mary. My story is long and very detailed. I am having extreme difficulty getting a competent Dr. Who can diagnose me so we can treat it accordingly. Its been years and I have lost hope. My Family, God bless them are disgusted with whatx has been going on with all of the different offices I have visited. I just became aware of angels. Can they assist me in my choices or selection of who I see? What I say? I am at the end. I really cannot do this any longer. I have therapist and psychiatric Dr. That I am very candid with. But im sure you have heard desperate people before.

Thank you for your time ~ Mary W. R.

Beautiful Mary,

You are beautiful you know. Loving, Giving, Beautiful, Happy, Unselfish and a Caring person you are. Think nothing less of yourself. Do you resonate with these words? If not, say them daily and as often as you can think of them. Another word is Forgiving. Learn to forgive, even to yourself. There are no wrong ways in life, but the only way. Release the thought of being a burden, it is just weighing you down. During times of depression, think of the times that were very wonderful in your life. These thoughts change your energy to a more positive feeling.

Writing is something that I hear you could be doing. This is not a book or a memoir, but rather just your random thoughts. Love, hate, emotions, pain and good times. After some time of your collected writings, your peeps are asking for you to reread each passage and reflect on what was written. Have your heart open when you reread and if a passage does not resonate, your peeps would like you to rewrite that passage to a more open heart response. Its being self taught with your spiritual inner guide.

I hear your Angels and they are saying that they are working very hard to answer your prayer. Spend some time just trying to feel their energy wrapped around your body. The Angels are also saying to bring a little harmony into your life. A little play, a little music can be added into your life. Life is not always about being serious. The Angels are sending you the Blessings that you have requested. The Angels are saying to be open to romance. It is in the stars. Just the feeling of romance can change the dynamics of your entire universe.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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