Dear Frank,

I have been separated from my two youngest children since 1997. They are now 27 years old. One of them even has two children of her own that I feel like she will never let me meet.

All of this is because of a divorce to their father, who was vicious and mentally cruel to me over 17 years time. He did everything he could to turn our children against me, and if I fought against it he would make things harder on the kids. I had to stop fighting for them.
I am in very poor health now, and because of my non-existent relationship with my children it is hard to muster up any kind of fight. I just do not want to live much longer without them. I don’t dwell on this, it just is.

Can Angels help bring us back together?
~ Jane

Hello Jane,

There is a lot that has to happen here. Healing is what is needed. Everyone has to look at their situation and find what it is you are suppose to be learning. Not only yours but his as well.

You should search your inner self and find your way to forgiveness and compassion. This will be hard, as it is not an easy task I am hearing. You hold to much bitterness over this situation. Find the path to understanding people such as your ex. Look at his side, feel it, look into his past life before you came along and touch it. There is a lot of misunderstanding because you did not know enough. You never asked the right questions and if you hit upon it, he would become defensive. Instead, you let it go.

You should not hold any feelings that he sends, release them and look to understand. When you have a better understanding, you can find forgiveness. This is not saying you are giving in and he is right but rather your heart is opening up to other avenues of understanding. When we understand more, we sometimes find out we were selfish in our own thoughts. You reacted the way you did because of a mother’s bond to her children, this is not wrong. You acted the only way you knew how to, but we forgot about him.

As I said, this will not be easy, but a reconciliation between you two will go a long way in you getting back to your children.

The Angels are waiting for your prays, and the asking of help and guidance.

Namaste ~ Frank

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