Dear Frank,

I am in a marriage to an alcoholic. We have been married for 25 yrs. He can be emotionally abusive at times. I am wondering if I am suppose to be learning something from this relationship–e.g. to have more respect for myself, and hence demand respect from him. Many times I have thought about leaving, but so far I haven’t. Is there something I should be doing that I am not?

Thank you,
~ Doreen H.

Hello Doreen,

The Angels are saying, you are married to a person that has an addiction. Words can be very strong, that push people to the edge. Where is that edge? Only they know the way there. The right words though, can keep people off of the edge.

Doreen, you are always learning in this journey called life. If you stop learning, then you get lost in direction. What are some of your passions? I hear the word gatherings. What is gatherings? You have a knack of putting things together with an ability to make them happen. You are probably a good speaker and do not realize it. I have a park setting also around you, where I hear children playing and grownups socializing. Sounds like an avent to me.

The Angels are also saying to always respect yourself. Your surroundings are a reflection of you. Respecting yourself is a priority, but not at the cost of someone else’s expense eg– humiliation.

The Angels are also saying that you should work on confidence in yourself and what you can achieve. Open up your creative side and create.

As far as your marriage goes, try different avenues to getting positve responses from him at moments he is not drinking. Like leaving him a note on his coffee cup for his morning cup of coffee or going to an event that he likes doing.

So remember that your surroundings are a reflection of yourself. So if you see something that you do not like, start the change in yourself to reflect that which you desire.

Namaste ~ Frank

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