Dear Frank,

I wanted to ask if it’s true that most people with the gift of being an empath are healers? If so, why is it that healers feel such depths of pain and despair and are affected than people who aren’t?

Any tips on how to get more support for those of us who are extremely sensitive and what the angels have to say..thanks!

^j^ ~ Lisa

Dear Lisa,

My peeps want you to know that everyone is an empath. Some people are more sensitive than others and in your case, you have an aura that can feel energy better than most. You also have an additional gift with your hands.

First of all trust in the energy as being love. All energy good or bad is still created through Love. My peeps are saying to channel your empathic energy to flow freely throughout your being as love. Try not to get caught up in energy, you are wasting energy just trying to sort through it. You do not want to label it, just work with it. There is a balance that exists throughout the universe and it is called the Ying and the Yang. Your guides want you to know you can not have good without having  bad.
Secondly, find some time to study this energy with reading material that can be found easily on line. Learn how to protect yourself with the help of your angels, especially Arch Angel Michael. When you learn how to allow your energy to flow, you will be able to handle any energy that comes your way. It is about collecting and releasing at the same time. You do not hold onto energy that is not of the light of Love. You must be careful here, as negative energy can lead to sickness. If you are totally new at energy work and also being an empath, my peeps are saying to protect yourself with prayer. Give thanks and gratitude for all that you have and ask Arch Angel Michael to surround you with the divine White Light of Love of the Highest order. This will help in keeping alot of negative energy from attaching. Also, after encounters with other energies, again ask Arch Angel Michael to remove any esoteric energies that are attached to your being.
Now as far as most people not being affected. My peeps are saying that they fall right in that energy.  Most people are not working with the White Light of the highest order. So, they are that energy.
Studying and reading will go a long way in working with energy. With permission, work with someone to read their aura and their internal energy. Keep a positive outlook filled with Love. Remember again, that not all energy is about Love, so my peeps are reminding you to protect yourself through prayer.
My peeps are telling me that you have hands that can hold energy and be used for healing. That is a wonderful gift indeed.  There is a book by Barbara Brennan called Hands of Light.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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