Dear Frank,

Two of my daughters passed away 5 years ago, January 19, 2007. I don’t feel them near me like I used to be able to. I always wonder if they are ok, and if they know/feel our thoughts and prayers?

Thank you,
Julie in Michigan

Dear Julia,

I am not having much success in reaching your daughters. What I am hearing though from your Angels is to release guilt over this situation. You are struggling in life with your heart. Put more emphasis on a your feelings being more uplifting spiritually.You are drained emotionally on moving foward with life. Tell yourself – I am beautiful – I feel great – Life is wonderful – Truly feel this and Trust – and you will find that the block that you have connecting will be reestablished.

Your guides are also asking that you please drink a little more water. The Angels are also saying that wherever you direct your thoughts, they will be heard to your intended spirits. The Angels want you to feel the comfort of their warmth and love that they are sending to you by allowing peace to enter in your heart. Ask them to help in this matter and they will do so.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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