Dear Frank,

I seem to be in a bad place at the moment. My mother passed in May and I am now having problems with the executors of her will (my two brothers), who are questioning gifts of money she gave me when alive and healthy. Also, the man I have been seeing has betrayed me financially and emotionally. I feel the most significant men in my life have betrayed me. I keep talking to my angels but feel totally alone. What can I do to fix this problem?

Thank you ~ Lynne C.

Dear Lynne,

The first thing my peeps are saying is to stop feeling guilty. I understand you have been feeling guilty for a long time, and it is time to let this guilt disappear from your being. It is only dragging you down. In prayer, ask Archangel Michael to remove any negative energies that are tied to you. Also, I hear to sage your enviroment and put positive affirmations in your home.

My peeps do not want to dwell on the men in your life. They say, let go and start anew. First, feel good about yourself. Go spend some quality time that you and only you would appreciate. Second, I have the sound of music in my ears. Either go play or create music. This means to me that you are moved by music. Go dancing to the beat or just listen to it.

I also hear you have done all the right things and you have done nothing wrong. It is important for you to grasp this thought and ride it.

I can not zero in on your passions, but it is in this time of your life to find an inner passion and go to it. This will help in bringing happiness and joy back into your life.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 
Namaste ~ Frank

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