Dear Frank,

I have had a lot of things happening to me in the past few months. I see visions of peoples faces and scrolls with unusual writing and shapes on them. I’ve had angel warning signs that came true. I’ve heard voices and seen a large dome crystal which I was inside lying on a crystal table having healing.

All this started after I did my Reiki level 1 and 2. Do you think someone from another plane is trying to communicate with me by showing me scrolls and books. I have never seen my angels but would love to.

Thank you ~ Patricia

Dear Patricia,

Wow. Bravo to you. All souls that are stationed here on earth have come with a mission at hand. Most souls find it hard to get to there path because life here on earth interferes with their true journey. I hear you have found your mission and you are passionate about completing this mission. It is your passion that opens up the door to knowledge. Knowledge is a very powerful tool used to help mankind. You are now getting healed and being given a direct link to your guides. The guides are there to teach you how to use your new abilities. I hear the guides would like you to meditate with specific questions in mind, like how do I transfer energy correctly for each energy center (chakra’s)? Or how do I protect myself so as to not collect any negative energy from my patients? They say there is a lot to be taught, but be patient and methodical. If you feel to much information is coming to you at once, ask to slow down or stop downloading as to not get overwhelmed. This is important.

Your angels are always there with you. Create a meditation of your choice in an area that is of the most beautiful you can think of. In this area have flowers, water, trees and animals with a bench included. In your meditation while you sit on the bench, ask for your angels to come foward. Keep doing this. In time they will show up and you can start to present questions to them. You can also ask any guide, ascended master or any spirit of the white light to come. Be careful though, if you do not work directly with the white light of the divine, you could bring in any energy.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 
Namaste ~ Frank

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