Hi Frank,

I have a question for you and your peeps. Why haven’t I been able to get a job? I go on interviews, and never get called back. My resume has been done professionally. I have already lost my apartment and a lot of stuff. I had to move in with family and I have nothing to help out with except cleaning and taking care of the animals. They are having a tough time, and I feel they want me gone. I pray and ask for guidance everyday but nothing comes from anything I do.

Please help.

~  Barb

Dear Barb,

I hear it is time for uplifting the soul. You allow yourself to be pulled down. By allowing this to happen, you are surrounding yourself in energy that you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ask your Guardian Angel to bring peace back into your being so you can release the unwanted depression and ask Arch Angel Michael to remove the fears that are attached to you. Then, go about your life moving forward and staying in the now. Keep your focus on being happy with your life and not to focus on what is wrong with your life. This creates a change in your energy to a more positive one that attracts what you are looking for.

I also hear that your resume can be shortened just a little. Long resume’s tend to do little to get attention as the recipients do not want to spend the time to read over it. I also hear that there is work available for the short term and it is not exactly what you want, but it will help you on feeling responsible, which will make you feel better about yourself. Something in the public servant is what I get. Who is Patty, a friend? There is someone close that can help with that.

I hear not to make my environment a chore and a burden. This reflects outward and sets the energy to be taxing on everyone, including yourself. I am not getting your family does not want you there as much as you feel you are a burden there.

Get out into the world and go frolic in a mall. You will see many avenues to venture down and it will help you to focus on you. You will also make connections this way. Also get out and take some walks into nature, like a park. This will help in freeing your inner spirit to soar. Its all about feeling better about yourself that needs to happen to make the changes you want. This is what is needed the most.

Look in a mirror and tell yourself how good you feel and believe every word you are saying. You are a great being with unlimited potential if only you believe and honor everything about yourself. Trust that the universe is bringing to you all that you ask for.

Try meditation to find your inner self and work with what your higher self to is trying to bring to you. You will be amazed at the change if only you find your inner peace and listen to your Heart.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 
Namaste ~ Frank

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