Dear Frank,

I absolutely loved the response you have given Sam. Thank you for your service.

Could I please ask you to use your gift helping me choose my next step ? I have worked as a nanny for the past 2 years while trying to do my degree in psychology part-time. My contract expired and I cannot find a job and afford to pay for my University course. What is more, few readers in the past told me I have a gift with children and every family I’ve worked for confirms that but I really don’t like my nanny job even if I know I’m good at it and children love me.

I’m on my own and don’t have any financial support. What now?

~ Sara

Dear Sara,

Next step. First off, children are a wonderful source of inspiration and creativity. I am to understand from my peeps that you have learned a lot about life just by being around children. They tend to look at the world a little differently than us grownups and you missed the signs they laid down in front of you. They are also more connected to the spirituality of the divine source of all. Through the journey you have already experienced, a lot of doors have been placed in front of you. You just have not opened any of the doors because life has consumed your creativity and put it on the back burner. Your senses spiritually have been dulled.

My peeps are saying to go play and let loose on life. Allow life to show you a thing or two if only you dare to experience fun and laughter. This will change your outlook from stress to carefree, but you have to embrace it and keep it close at all times to keep your vibration up. Hold on to the experiences that has uplifted your life and keep them in your heart, so you can always get back there. Being in this state will bring and open many doors to go and experience. Through these doors, you will find what it is you seek to move forward in life with.

What my peeps are saying here is to not let life dictate the path that you are on, but rather to allow your inner being take you to places you never really thought about. Trust in your inner self to set you in the correct path of happiness. Only there will you be free from the stress of life.

I hear that writing is something that you would enjoy. This writing though comes to you from your creative side rather than the analytical side. I also hear that working with clay will bring out a lot of your creativity. You might enjoy just trying to do some automatic writing. This is a way for your guides to get better connected to you and helping to give you some guidance.

I also hear that it will not be that long before something comes your way to help in your finances. A close companion is at hand to help you in this matter. Pay attention to what is around you and listen carefully.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 
Namaste ~ Frank

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