Hi Frank,

My son is so very angry and I would like to know the best way to help him. He takes the majority of his anger out on me. Please help me to help my son and me.


Hello Grace,

There is no greater love than that of a parent and child. It is the hardest emotional block to get through that any loving parent can have. His anger comes from his past and he feels less than a person. His emotions of not being secure in his life abilities stem from this. Also the people around him do not help him either. To help him, one must help him regain trust in himself and to confront the demon that stands in his way. When he can feel good about himself and build confidence in himself he will start a chain reaction spiritually for the better. He is the only one that can do this. Talking with him about taking control of life situations with encouraging confidence in his abilities is good. Also pointing him in new directions and encouraging him to do things that he has wanted to do is good. I feel as though he will not be too receptive to change but sooner rather than later, it will happen.

This will be hard on you. I hear the simplest way to freedom for you is to wean yourself away from him. It will not be easy from your position and he is not going away anytime that soon. Find the things in life that you would like to be doing and start doing. Your guides are saying to take time for yourself and become active with your life. You have to release yourself from the bondage that is tied between you and your son. It is time to focus on you. I hear you have a wonderful appreciation for the earth, so maybe getting involved with activities related to the well being of the planet will reconnect you spiritually. You might also find that your son might become involved, leading to better communication.

I see lots of colors around you that smell delightful. I can only picture flowers. Life is Grand after all, once you regain your power back for your well being. This is about you. Take back control of your Power and set yourself free. Your guides want you to know that this is not about abandoning your son as much as it is about taking your life back. Only you can do this part.

I am hearing to eat a more balanced diet and to exercise lightly. Also to spend some quiet time in meditation and prayer. The important part here is that it is a quiet place with no distractions. Try to separate your inner emotions during this time of prayer and meditation. Keep Arch Angel Michael around at all times and ask for the removal of negative energy anytime you feel it. He will always help.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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