Dear Frank,

I’m sending you this email, do to the fact, that I feel that I have lost all feeling of love, and happiness in my life. It just seem that I’m drawing so much negativity into my life and I try to go to church, say my prayers and try to think positive and it all seem to not work.

I would like to know of any types of prayers or types of smudging I could do to bless my home and get rid of how I feel.

Thank You for your time.

Sharon B.

Hello Sharon,

My peeps are talking a lot about you. Some problems are a lot more involved than others and your problem is one of them. You are losing faith in the spiritual sense of being. You have lost the light and everything is coming back in darkness.

You have to find yourself again. There are a lot of things that need to take place in order to regain one self’s confidence and your guides want to make it as simple as possible.

First off, Believe in yourself with confidence glowing. Remember that you hold the power and you are in control of it. Nobody controls your destiny but you.

My peeps would like you to let go of the word negativity. Just lose it from your vocabulary. Replace the word negativity with the word CONFIDENCE. By doing this, you will find yourself filling the rest of the statement with positive words and affirmations automatically. This will change your dynamics for the better.

My peeps do not want me to go further as it will only be overwhelming and confusing.

I hear from my peeps to meditate and get yourself to that quiet place and listen to what your heart has to say. This will take some time but the benefits will be awesome.

I also hear that your eating habits can be improved to a more balanced diet. This will help in the energy department. Adding a little more water intake with lemon in it will also give you a cleansing and remove some of that slight depression you are going through.

Your guides are with you and want to be gentle. Take the steps given to you and follow through with them and you will find life is a great place to be.

Now about your home. Smudging is a wonderful way of removing negativity from your home. When you smudge, make sure to work only with the energy coming through the white light. Make sure to say this when saying your prayer and affirmations during the smudging process. Also the stone carnelian is a wonderful healing stone to work with. You can place these stones around your home and put in prayer and affirmations to bring in health and light. This will help in maintaining an uplifting energy in your home.

Now about yourself. A rose quartz stone is something I hear to keep with you at all times. The moment you are feeling down, bring it out, hold it and feel the love it generates. Think of this stone as it being you. Love it as you would yourself.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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