Hi Frank,

Your article/answer to “I Feel Like I’m Losing at the Game of Life” struck me. It was like me asking you about it.

I need help!

And I want to help myself!

I don’t want my life to be like this forever.

I want to start my life again.

I have been at the lowest point in my life for sometime now. My mom never appreciates me. I really believe at this point that no matter what I do will make her love me the way she loves my siblings.

My sister talked bad about me to my friends.

And some of my friends betrayed me.

Worst, I am out of job now, bills piling up, no lovelife, no nothing.

What is holding me is my faith in God.

I want my freedom badly. To go for my dreams. Live and work overseas. Pay up my debts. Fall in love.

I believe in Angels so much! I believe and I know since I was little they always help me.

Can you help me please?

Appreciate your reply. God bless you!


Hello Patti,

I hear you want to start your life again coming from your internal being. My peeps are in total agreement. The only problem I hear is that you are lacking in fuel. To go out and achieve lasting happiness can only happen if you do for yourself. You have the energies of family taking your energy at every turn, that leaves you tired and frustrated. You allow your movement forward to be judged and directed by family you love but does not give back this love. You have nothing to prove to anybody but to yourself and when you can realize this, you will move along just fine.

Your mother does love you very much, but until you can love yourself and shine the light of your inner being you will continue to feel unloved. Remember that you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. This is not about who is better but rather I AM BETTER, I LOVE WHO I AM and I FEEL GREAT. This is your fuel. That is your way to get to where you would like to be.

I hear that there is work on the horizon. Wear some brighter clothes and put a smile on. The universe will acknowledge your change of happiness and will help to open doors. I hear that public relation type work is good for you. This just tells me that you can speak. Do not be afraid to speak. Your guides would like you to speak more with positive thoughts behind your sentences. They say this would be a positive step forward for your journey and help to change your position in life.

Your guides would like you to focus on what you want in life and not be dragged down by what anybody else is thinking about your life. Set yourself free from the chains of pleasing anybody else at this time.

I also hear from my peeps that in the latter part of this year you will be feeling better about yourself. This will allow you to move forward even more. It will bring a time to consider doing what you want–Going overseas–I hear it will be a wonderful experience.

I do not have anything about love for you. Keep it in your heart, but let it go. As you change your thoughts for yourself and your happiness, things change and just happen.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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