Hi Frank,

I am writing to you as I feel that I can’t go any lower than I am at the moment. I started a new business and although things could be good, there seems to be obstacles being put in my way. I also lost my Mum recently and have been talking to her and asking for her help. I have asked my Angels to come close and guide me but there is no reply. I don’t know where to go from here.

Can you help?

Regards ~ Joan B.

Hello Joan,

I hear from my peeps that an adjustment in thoughts would be welcomed. Life seems to get in the way with life itself. Nothing really gets in the way as you feel it does. You allow yourself to feel boxed in and trapped with no place to go due to non action. When action is needed, take action. Even though some action seems to fail or be an obstacle, it is best to understand what has been gained in the process. There is purpose to obstacles, as it is called knowledge gained. I hear to be a little more thorough in taking notes and to keep these notes handy. A little book you can keep with you. I also hear to expand your horizons. This just means to network. I also hear to pay attention to ideas and thoughts coming from all sources, whether you agree or disagree with them. You will find that there is some wisdom being brought to you.

Trust your intuition more. Your concern is more about how others feel. When you Trust in yourself, a door opens ever so slightly to creativity. You have a wonderful creative side that is looking to be unleashed. 

Keep your thoughts positive. I hear that when things become clouded in thought you become anxious, so call upon your Guardian Angel to bring calmness to your being. This will help bring clarity and when clarity sets in, take action. Take pride when you do this, as this will bring confidence in your abilities.

The Angels want you to know that they do hear you and that they are working to bring movement in your situations. A more positive thought process and trusting in situations to blossom in your favor will help.

I feel the presence of a mother energy that is around you. There are actually a few motherly energies that are around you. The mother figure is talking about a chair and reading. There are also flowers she is looking for. I cannot hear everything, but I believe she is concerned for a plant? She is always with you and would like you to send a prayer of healing to the family.

The Angels are asking you to be more creative on this journey and to Trust that the Universe will bring to you what you desire.

I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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