Dear Frank,

I have been in the hospital for a bad infection that had to be surgically removed, and now they tell me I have diabetes.

Everytime I go into the hospital my sugar goes up then comes down. I’d like to know if this time I will go back to normal again. They called me a stress diabetic, that means while my body is healing and under stress my sugar is up.

Thank you ~ Mary J.

Hello Mary,

My peeps are responding to the question I am reading with some hesitation. Will I go back to normal again this time? Basing it on the question of being a diabetic, the answer is you will always have diabetes to a degree. I am hearing that your sugar levels can be maintained at a safe level with proper action taken by you. So my peeps are saying if it is stress that changes your blood sugar level, you should change your stress to calmness. In other words, it is also a mental stress that helps in aggravating other issues. What my peeps are saying is to look at things in a more open minded manor. They understand that fear is what really triggers stress and your guides are trying to work with you to look at this situation a little differently. I understand that this is a mental stress along with a physical stress and there are ways to negotiate around this. Look at your situations in the doctors environment as being healed. Go in singing and leave singing. Focus on that, your body is getting healed for your well being with nothing but brighter days ahead.

There is a lot going on in the mind that you have control over to help manipulate your own healing towards a healthier you. A more positive outlook as an end result is what you can use to help win that battle. Keeping yourself upbeat about life will go a long way.

Your guides are trying to get you to go on a vacation and relax. So if you have been thinking of going on a vacation, you can thank them. They also are trying to bring to you thoughts of joy. I hear playing in the background, mostly children and for you this must be a place of joy. I also hear music playing, some soft and some like you are cutting a rug. For you, I hear music is a wonderful calming device. These are just some of the tools you can use during times of physical healing that can help get you through.

My peeps seem to think that you have type 2 diabetes and this is workable to the point of not having it anymore. I am not a doctor, but I am to understand that having diabetes is something that is somewhat serious. I hear to look at a diet change as this will also help with maintaining a wonderful balance in your blood system. There is plenty of knowledge on the internet for healthy diets. Please follow your doctors instructions in helping you to get well. Also a little exercise will be a big plus. Stay positive in thought and ask your Angels for any guidance they can bring to you. They are with you always.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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