Dear Frank,

I feel so lost and have been having nightmares. I dreamed that two of my three children went for a drive with my cousin, my children are one and three years old. Then I got a phone call that they died in a car accident but my cousin was okay. I woke up all distraught and confused. I already lost my husband, I’m too afraid to sleep because of these horrible dreams. Please help with what I should do.

Then I dreamed of my husband and I have to go with him somewhere. That he’s waiting for me. Not sure if that’s good or bad?
I’m just scared to sleep these days but am so exhausted that I eventually fall asleep and have these distressing dreams. Do they mean anything?

Thank you ~ Mary Jane

Hello Mary Jane,

Your guides want you to know that dreams are an aspect in everyone’s life and that they are a product of how we perceive going forward in life in a spiritual state. The dreams reflect what it is we think of during our daily existence and how through dreams you can apply these messages to move yourself forward. The guides also want you to know that dreams can also be warning signs.

In your case, I have anxiety and fear contributing to an overly active mind during sleep. I also hear to curb some of your liquids to a more balanced water intake and adding fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a little bit of a lifestyle change that would help with your sleeping and dreams. These are some of the things I hear—–Curbing some caffeine intake, drinking some organic uncaffeinated herbal teas, a little exercise that gets your blood flowing and heart pumping—–Now foods I hear– Whole Grain Foods, Blueberries, Almonds and Pure Dark Chocolate without added sugar are some things that help in reducing stress and anxiety. My peeps are also saying to check on allergies to foods before eating them. You could be having reactions to foods you are already taking. They are asking you to stay away from greasy foods. With all of this said, I get that some changes in your lifestyle will help a lot in removing these nightmares.

I hear to think well of yourself at all times. Get up in the morning and before you get out of bed, speak aloud to the universe—I Feel Great—These are small steps to take, to look at yourself and empower yourself to bringing back Calmness into your life. Believe in yourself and have confidence in all your abilities in all that you do and you will be fine.

I do not get any message or indication that your children are in any danger. I am being reminded though, whether it is a dream or an intuitive feeling, to allow your heart to guide you through times as needed.

As far as your husband goes, I feel his energy abundantly around you. My peeps are saying he is trying to get you to go with him to a place you both have shared and loved. I feel he needs to apologize about something he did not complete and he would like to bring peace to you. 

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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