Dear Frank,

Will it be good for the benefit of me and the whole to have a baby ?

Thank you ~ Simge U.

Hello Simge,

There are too many dynamics with this question you ask and does not have an easy answer coming from anyone or anywhere outside of your being.

First, how do you feel about having a baby? Ask this question in a special and quiet place. As a woman that is directly associated to giving birth, you will be able to feel and sense an answer. Honor these thoughts and answers you hear. Giving birth is the ultimate universal joy. The universe to this day is still growing and giving birth with new stars and planets happening constantly. You are indeed the universe and the universe wants to bring to you that which you are seeking.

Second, it takes two. Discussion with your partner is important. Feelings will play an important part in developing a child from inception to birth. Your guides want you to know and understand this statement. Understanding that you are a product of your environment will reflect on this child through the entire process of having a child.

Third, the child. Bringing up a child for most is no easy task. There is nurturing, teaching, expense’s, etc… It is a full time job that takes a lot of resources to bring up a child. Let’s not forget about giving Love to your child.

Remember that you have free will to make any decision you wish and that there is no right or wrong to having a child. Also remember making any decisions in regards to this question will get clearer answers while being in a special quiet place and listening to your heart.

I am not getting any health issues that would hinder or disrupt having a child and I understand that you are emotionally sound when you release other people’s attachments.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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