Dear Frank,

Went back to school at age 54. I graduated this past December and have gone for interviews. They all went well. (I got great grades, went to become a health claims specialist.) Interviewers make it sound like I have the job but I don’t get it.  I don’t look my age and dress well for all interviews.

I currently work full time as a pharmacy technician but I need a job that has benefits and pays more. I got divorced 2 years ago from an abusive man. Our house and other property have been foreclosed on, lost everything. All I pray for is to find a job that I can support myself.

What am I doing wrong with these interviews? I feel like giving up to find a job that I went to school for.

Thank you ~ Karen S.

Hello Karen,

A lot can be said for your energy and the way you carry yourself as in body language, tone of voice and having confident energy. I hear from my peeps that you are not confident enough in yourself on your job interviews. You are filled with anxiety that seems to be filled with fear of not being good enough. Focusing on a desired outcome through meditation is something I hear will help in releasing anxiety, which will help you on interviews. I also hear that one interview you have been on, will be opening a position that you have the abilities for. Keep the faith.

I am hearing that you might want to consider relaxing and allow your inner spirit or inner child to break out. You seem to be stiff not loose which is preventing yourself from moving forward.Hearing this from my peeps is letting me know that you can use some enjoyable time for yourself. I hear to take some time for the purpose of enjoyment without the attached guilt of doing such a thing. Take a break and come back refreshed.

I hear loudly the words letting go. This ties to your past and it has an anchor strapped to your feet. So the words come from your peeps saying clearly to let go of the past. There is nothing to be humiliated about and there is nothing stopping you from feeling great about yourself. The sooner you feel good about yourself, the sooner your energy changes for the positive and puts you in a more joyful energy. This helps in changing your energy felt by others which reflects to more positive responses coming back to you.

I hear to set up schedules for eating, exercising and meditating. This is a way to organize ones life and to put in place a healthy lifestyle. There is more but I hear this is enough to get started.

I see your future only getting brighter in time and it all starts from within.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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