Dear Frank,

All signs and angel cards, horoscopes say I am going to have a career change! This is something very much needed by me. I just need help figuring out what it is.

Thank you ~ Alice P.

Hello Alice,

Slow down. Life is fast changing at every corner and we sometimes are not seeing what is around us. I hear from my peeps that you should take some time with the signs that present themselves to you and explore what is being offered. In these offerings are hidden passions that you have. Take any one of those passions and expand on it and it will lead you to your answer. I hear for you to look at some of your dreams and find the joy that you can embrace with a new found awareness to life.
I also hear to attend to family matters and clear out the cobwebs that keep you in a fog. You will have success in money matters but first you must find your inner peace so you become clearly focused on what it is you want. Find the Joy in your life is key.
Don’t allow humiliation and dishonor to move into your thoughts. You seem to have a lot of noise in your head which leads to no clarity in direction. Follow in you heart where it is you want to be.
As far as the noise goes, it would be great for you to meditate in silence, for silence. When the chatter stops, you will be able to sense your intuitive side trying to guide you. This will be scary. You will come up with enough of ego to tell yourself that you cannot accomplish or do this and that. It is called fear. Know that you can do anything you want to do.
I am not sure if it is caffeine or sugar, but you might want to cut back on these items and add a little more water intake. Remember to work on meditation to get to silence and then listen to your heart.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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