Dear Frank,

I am looking to make a life change by leaving my current job to buy a pizzeria, something I have wanted to do all my life. But I have doubts. Am I making the right decision? Or will I regret this? I am very concerned. I really want to do this, but I need to know this is the one that will bring the financial security that I desire, and at the same time fulfilling my dream. Am I making the right decision ?

Thank you ~ Dani I.

Hello Dani,

It is refreshing to hear about your life’s dream of Pizzeria ownership. I send blessings of prosperity to you.
First off, my peeps are saying to remove doubts by facing each doubt you have and replacing doubt with proper action to remove this doubt. If you move forward with doubt, it will only cloud your judgement to move forward and create chaos. A change in thinking with positive affirmations will help you in the long run. 
I hear from my Peeps to remove yourself from a difficult situation that seems to be a conflict. This will only put more pressure on yourself and not allow you to be creative in your quest. You have anxieties which could affect your judgement. Do not fear humiliation or loss in this situation.
There are no regrets. Only the knowledge gained that leads to the wisdom needed to correct your path to move forward. In other words, never look at your quest with any failure attached, only learned experience. If you do this joyfully, you will be fine in going forward.
About your financial security. I hear from my peeps that you have strength and courage to be financially secure. I only work within a year and I do not see or hear much abundance during this time. You will need to be persistent and have patience. I also understand you have the ability to offset bad luck that might come your way. Stay positive in your spiritual being and always keep your power. This will get you to your financially secure future.
There are no right or wrong decisions ever. Wrong decisions give great insight and right decisions, well are right. Everything I hear says you have a bright future.
Try meditating a little to learn how to quiet the mind so you can make better decisions while listening to your intuitive side. You seem to have at least one contractor around you from the other side that tries to help in repair or building things. It might be someone that was close to you. Try eating a more balanced diet to help you in your strength and energy.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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