Dear Frank,

How can I tap more fully into my psychic/spiritual gifts?

Thank you!

Tammy M.

Hello Tammy,

The question that you are presenting here has a very simple answer that needs no interaction from your peeps at all. Here you go.

Love yourself and Trust in your abilities.

Loving yourself opens many avenues previously not seen. Doors open without even knocking. People start enjoying your company and even look to be with you. Jobs materialize out of the blue and abundance follows. Gifts come from all directions when asked for and when needed. All these things happen because you love yourself for who you are and when that happens your creative inner spirit comes out. It is this energy that gets you connected to your spiritual abilities—Intuition—Visions—Sense of Being—Guidance.

Now the hard part. Loving yourself is no easy task. I here from my peeps that there are old issues that need to be released. Dedication to meditation is a must. Meditation must be done daily with finding inner peace in silence. As you find the tranquell peace in meditation you will start to hear voices. These voices will be coming from your peeps (Guides and Angels) and from there, they will help in your daily guidance. Ask questions and they will give answers. This is where you Trust what you hear, feel and see.

I hear that you have a wonderful voice. You have the ability to heal with your voice. Maybe you sing or maybe you give lectures, just the same, you can heal through your voice.

I also hear that a more defined balanced diet would do you wonders.

I hope that helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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