Hi Frank,

I just want to know if me and my Mum will get through the next few months, after the sale of my Granny’s house? And, will the family make up?

Thank you ~ Claire C.

Hello Claire,

My peeps are telling me that you and your Mum will get through the next couple of months. I hear that a closer bond will occur during this time built on Trust and Faith. Use the Faith and Trust to explore your needs and work on that. This will put more focus on moving forward rather than dwelling on loss and becoming stuck. I also hear to do some things that are new and adventurous creating new connections to new people in your life. The garden most have been a wonderful place for one of you ladies because it is strong around your energy. Visit the outdoors and play in the dirt. It is a time to let go of the past and bring in the new.

I hear from my peeps that the family getting back together is going to be rough. I get the sensation of alcohol buried around the many voices I hear. This family is divided based on many judgements and previous prejudices with only one way thinking. Its old school. There is loss also on this side which you should try to grasp and understand for the reason to save your inner peace. This will help in your reasoning to understand more, and just allow. 

Work with your Angels to bring more Love into the Family. Angels are wonderful at bringing Love to the table and sharing it. Ask Archangel Michael to be with you, your mum and the family. Ask him to help in removing the anxieties and negativity surrounding everyone and to help in opening up the channels of communication with the Love that your Angels will bring. These are just wounds, but some wounds take time to heal. 

I hear from my peeps to take a trip some towns away from where you are. It is a wonderful place that you have visited before and it will make you feel calm. This is not about any body else but you, so try not putting blame on anyone or anything at all including yourself. The “yourself part” is important. You are deserving and Loving. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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