Hi Frank,

I understand we all have different gifts. Karen is clairvoyant, and you are clairaudient.

I would love to have either one of those gifts. Can you tell me how to be able to hear like you?

Thank you so much ~ Jennifer K.

Hello Jennifer,

You are capable of anything you want to do. Everyone is born with  these abilities. They came with you upon being born. You grew up never utilizing your gifts and so they went into remission and there they  sit and wait. 

The good news is with training, you can awaken your inner spirit and bring back your own abilities. Everyones gifts are different person to person and that is something that you will find out as you train yourself spiritually.

I hear from my peeps that you have an uncanny ability to  move energy. I am not sure what that means but if you can move energy, there is a good chance that people are attracted to you, looking for healing.

To explain all of this would take alot of time and it would not benefit you the way you would like it to.
Here is what I hear for you.

1st – Allow yourself to be creative-do some things that you have wanted to do but you ignored. This opens up the right side energy system.

2nd – Say loudly, I AM AN INTUITIVE BEING–say it from your heart-you are creating and sending the vibration out to the universe.

3rd – Meditation–this must be done on a regular basis like clockwork. Spirit wants to work with you but they also want to see that you are serious and meditation teaches you how to find your inner being.

4th – Trust in what you are doing and Trust in yourself.

Always keep a smile and be gratefull for the things that you have in your life. Live with fun and caring to all.

There is still more, but this will surely get you started to finding your gift.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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