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Dear Frank,

I’m 47 years old. For some time now, I’ve been feeling that my life has come to a major transition. There is this, almost restless, feeling that there is so much more in me to give and that I haven’t been living my life purpose. There is so much love and compassion in me for everyone, especially those who are in pain, suffering or any kind of need. My life hasn’t been that easy, but all that hardship made me the person I’m today…. in many ways, I feel so blessed.

Lately, I was seriously considering going back to school to get official certification to do what? I believe, I do so well – counselling and helping others. This would require another couple years of school, as well as significant amount of money. I’ve also been dealing with some health issues, including depression. Although, my heart is saying ‘yes’, my fear is having some doubts and is blocking my intuition.

Please, Frank, tell me what is your intuition telling. My deepest gratitude and many blessings to you.

Thank you! Inga

Hello Inga,

It is a wonderful time in your life right now. Just feeling the dynamics and energy of what was said about your moment in life was awesome to me.

My peeps are telling me you are in transition and the ride is going to be an exhilarating roller coaster of ups and downs. Don’t worry, your experiences throughout this life will take control of these ups and downs and smooth them out.

I hear that you are a starchild that wants to shine a light brighter than the sun on this planet at this time of the records. This is saying that you are a White Lighter and you are here to help with the changing of Earth’s energy. I hear to work with your Motherly intuition to help in your guidance to moving forward.

Do not allow your past experiences to hold you back. All your past time spent was meant to be, and was put in place to help you ease the transition that lies ahead.

I hear from my peeps that school is in your future but it is a little confusing. I get the feeling that you are going to learn in doing. You have guides that are constantly around you that you can hear. So you hear voices. You can also sense energy very well. I recommend to meditate in deep silence so that you can really connect to your guides. This is an added perk that will definitely help in in your passion to HELP mankind.

Lastly. Repeat in the morning 3 times before you get out of bed. I AM FEARLESS—I AM HEALTHY—I AM CONFIDENT. Do the same thing in the evening before bedtime. Your guides want you to know that these are mantras and mantras are powerful tools to moving forward and overcoming obstacles.

Inga, my intuition is saying you will spend some time in learning to trust in yourself and what you feel. This I sense is going to be more than a year of schooling yourself in Trusting and becoming Fearless. You have a wonderful life ahead of you where any tragedy that comes your way will carry a silver lining that you will be able to find and turn it around. God Bless.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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