Dear Frank,

I have been meaning to write to you and your peeps for so long. So I thought I take a chance and well go for it. I am 23 years old and a year ago I had come out of an abusive situation, with my mom. Now slowly I am making peace with my mom in hopes of a healthier relationship with her and forgiveness, and while I know that they are concerned for my well being in making this decision, I know in my own heart that I don’t want to live my life feeling angry, or hurt, or even afraid. I really believe in my angels, and I know that they are pushing me gently in doing what is best for me. But how do I tune out everyone else that voice their concerns? I mean they are not wrong in doing so and I do appreciate them but, sometimes it is just too much that goes in my own head and then making me feel unsure of myself.

For example sometimes I can feel great in starting to make peace with my mom, and then when someone comes up to me and says something, then I second guess myself. I can feel my angels presence with me all the time, and sometimes I get these “pushes” that are too strong to just ignore or leave it for another time. What should I do in this situation? I am a very forgiving person and sometimes people say: “I don’t understand why, you want your mother back in your own life…”

There is one person assisting me right now and she says that there is a condition to her help and that if my mom is too involved then she is leaving.

I can say however that my mom and I needed that separation, not only for me to be safer but for me to be healthier as well. I also notice that whoever new comes into my life, they can become too controlling, and sometimes make me feel like I am not doing much with my life because I am disabled. When I try something new some people can be discouraging while others can be encouraging.

So my two questions are: How do I not allow my heart to be easily confused when someone questions my choices and how do I stop allowing others to control me?

Thanks! Nadia


Hello Nadia,

So young and vibrant with life you are. Before I answer your 2 questions I will start with the word Guilt. You should never feel guilty about anything you do in life and that means good or bad. Your life is filled with choices that you and only you really make. If it is a good decision, you move forward easily and if it is a bad decision you then feel guilty. You should look at those decisions and weigh only if they are your decisions or someone else’s. As long as the decisions are yours, continue with your learning, but if they are someone else’s, release them and rethink with your own feelings left for guidance.

Guilt is a word that controls many a person of all walks in life and the person that makes another person feel guilty knows this and uses it for full advantage. So I say to you, Do Not Feel Guilty About Anything You Wish To Do, Say, Feel or Experience in your Life. Learn to sense guilt right away and do not allow it to make decisions you will regret later. Stand proud of who you are, good or bad.

Now to answer your 2 questions. My peeps, especially the Angels and you have many angels around you are telling me to remind you to take control of your Power. It is your power that ultimately makes your decisions on your journey even though other people make you feel guilty. The guilt in turn is making other decisions for you. It is your power, not anybody else’s power and it is time to take it back. Have the confidence in your ability to make you own decisions in life whether they are good or bad. My peeps say the good and bad part of this journey is your Achilles heal. Do not spend the time on questioning if it is a good or bad decision, just make your own decision and learn.

I hear from my peeps you will get to the point of taking control of your own life based on your own decisions in the near future. This is not going to happen as soon as you would like and you will have many ups and downs. I only work within a year. I also hear and see a time coming up of triumph and joy. You will get some real life enjoyment in about 9 months from now. This will be the time of a new beginning for you.

Bring some harmony into your life by allowing your inner feelings to come out and play. Listen to music and be creative. This will open you up. God Bless You.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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