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Dear Frank,

I am 55 years old, divorced since 2004, and hoping that I have a soul mate out there, and that I will be with him soon. What do you see in my future? The man I am friends with now is a nice guy, but doesn’t have a car or a job, and he is disabled and 58 years old. I do all the work driving him to the grocery store, and taking him to events and paying for most everything. I want to meet a man who can meet me on equal footing, and not have to help him get there. I’ve been very heart broken since my divorce and this male friend of mine has helped me, as sort of a starter boyfriend, but I want true love and a man who makes good money and spends it on me….lol. Is that too much to ask the Universe?

Thanks! Stephanie A


Hello Stephanie,

Your experience in life is enough to get you in the right direction that you seek, so take control. This just means, do what you want to do. But you fear in losing that which you do not want and really, you do want it. I hear from my peeps that the man you seem to be associated with is a councilor in his own right. There is a lot to be learned by being with him. I hear that in your case, you missed many an opportunity to learn and put yourself in better position going forward.

I hear from my peeps that a soulmate does exist but unfortunately not in this life now. I hear that there is a man entering into your life sometime early next year that will bring some fun and joy back into your life. I really feel this is a person of military or structured background.

Use this sachet to ask for the angels assistance in finding love in your life. ($5.95)

Use this sachet to ask for the angels assistance in finding love in your life. ($5.95)

I hear of an attitude change that must take place to align the energy of the universe to flow more freely to you. Your angels are asking you to be more open with your feelings as to be able to create an honest relationship with life. This will apply to everything you do and bring change. You have to change to get change.

You have some searching to do with your inner feelings and once you sort them out you will be able to move forward. Your position now is that you are afraid of losing what you have for a possible dream thought that seems out of reach. Everything is reachable and its up to you reach with the right state of mind in place. This all boils down to confidence in yourself and I hear that you are very capable of achieving your goals.

You’re not asking the universe too much. It is just a matter of aligning yourself with it.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank

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