Dear Frank,

Will I find peace in my life after beating breast cancer?

Thanks Bertha


Hello Bertha,

I am so wonderfully overwhelmed with joy to hear that you overcame breast cancer. You must be so happy and relieved that this is now past you so you can move forward in life. This is positive reinforcement so continue to be positive. God Bless You.

Now from my peeps. I hear that you are allowing your EGO to dictate how it is you feel about this situation and going forward. I hear a lot of words that are floating in your head that in simple terms make you feel less of a person. Your emotions are confused and ego is just trying to maintain control. It is a time of sorting out these thoughts and releasing what you do not want to hear. It is a time for you to be brave enough to talk about it and not be afraid of any consequences or challenges that come your way.

Now this is from the Angels. FOCUS. The angels would like you to focus on compassion for others that also have cancer. This might sound off kilter a little but through this process your inner self will come out and see the beauty that life is. You see the beauty is inside us all and is not what is outside.

The angels are also talking about music and singing. The vibration of music is an awesome healing agent. You have music around you but the way I am sensing it, I would believe you can create music through singing or playing an instrument. You have a wonderful creative side that wants to get out and play.

I only work with a year’s time but all indications I get is that you will find Peace in your life once you let go of ego and the thoughts of less. Be grateful for all that you have and share it.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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