Dear Frank’s peeps,

Hi I am trying to sell my house. I really need to sell for financial reasons. Will it happen soon?


Linda C.


Hello Linda,

Hearing from my peeps, I have to say that selling your house is not going to happen as soon as you would like it to. I hear to resolve loose ends and clear up matters that are troublesome around you first. At least get them in check so they are not overwhelming your being with negativity. I count a handful, but these annoyances are making it hard for you to really focus on what is at hand. I hear to take a stand for yourself and not allow others to dictate the direction that you wish to proceed towards.

Focus and take back Control of yourself. This will help move it along. Oh also, do not show fear. Fear is a weakness that will stay attached if you allow it to. I hear to tell you that you are Capable of anything.

Now from the Angels. I hear to spend some time outdoors where you have been before. It is a special beautiful place that holds a wonderful love about it. It is a place that will connect you with a past love one. Being in nature has a way to dissolve anxiety and angst and to allow a more open and clear channel to your heart. This will help in thinking without confusion and bring answers to your questions and show you new ways you can go in. Your angels are also saying that this will open you up to Ideas that will inspire you to being creative in your quest. The angels are also asking for you to invite your guardian angel to be with you always for protection You can ask Archangel Michael to remove any baggage and negativity from your being as he is telling me to tell you this. You have a guardian around you, I feel it is a past loved one. He is a father figure who wears a hat.

Selling your house can happen sooner if you listen to your inner being. My peeps gave you some directions to get you started. Have some fun, be joyous, go out and sing with the birds. You will find a profound change in your energy that will put you on a different level spiritually that will connect you with the universe and the universe will respond in a more favorable way in life’s journey.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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