Dear Frank’s peeps,

Will my husband and I ever stop struggling financially? Sometimes I feel that we are cursed…

Will we ever have financial freedom and stability….


Erika Williams


Dear Erika,

I hear that you and your husband will be fine and that you will continue to work past retirement. Do not be disappointed by this statement as I hear you will be doing something that you love to do. People who do what they love to do, are not necessarily working. You are a very strong willed person and determined to succeed and that desire will get you there.

There are many things I hear from my peeps that would help in getting you there sooner than later. I hear that I need to explain. We all are creatures of habit and this just means we are going to continue with life the way it was taught to us. Most of us were never taught how to handle money properly and you are one of them. There is a saying that goes like this—It’s never too late to learn. I get the energy of someone close to you that can help in teaching about money and how to make it work for you.

You have a guide that is around you that was an accountant in a past life. This guide also is connected well with another guide I believe was a past family member. This particular guide has to do with construction or building things, maybe an architect of sorts. They are around you and are trying to get your attention through your inner guidance system, your intuition. I hear to not be afraid to try new things and trust your own opinion more.

You have lots of creativity that is bottled up inside that would do you wonders to let come out. Judging by what I am hearing, you are a creator, a manifestor who has the universe trying to put into place a new beginning for you. When you allow your creative side to come out, all things around you change. You become fearless, creative, happy, joyful, grateful, and become connected to the universe. This is a better place to be if you want to be successful and filled with abundance.

I only work in a year, but I see a change coming your way moving forward. It’s an attitude change that will make a believer out of you. I also hear to get outside some and enjoy life and earth. Reconnect to fun and health.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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