Shape of the heart

Dear Frank,

I had a 12 year up and down unfaithful and very hurtful relationship. I have now met someone who wants to love, care & marry me but I am hesitant. How do I know if he is for real and the right person for me?

Thanks Georgina


Hello Georgina,

To answer the question as you have presented it can only be answered by you. To hear anything about this new person from someone else is not really going to cut it.

I hear from my peeps that you need time for healing. The inner demon of a life gone bad has to be released. It grapples your inside and will not allow you to live a life of peace, love and trust. I hear if you move forward to marriage, without freeing yourself of a past issue will only keep you living your life as a hostage to fear. Always doubting is he the right person. No way to live a life. You are a very wonderful person and are deserving of nothing less than the best life has to offer.

I hear you need some time for forgiveness between yourself and your x. Your inner feelings need to shine through the murky waters of fear and allow your light to come forward like a lighthouse beacon on a moonless night. Then you can move forward in your life knowing this person is right or not for you by your inner guidance.

I hear to help with releasing that negative energy that resides within, you need only ask your angels for help. All your angels are always busy around you trying to get your attention by words. Pay attention to words in your life, whether from a magazine or the side of a truck. When something strikes you in a word, the angels are trying to confirm the answer to your many questions you seem to have. Ask Arch Angel Michael to remove any negative ties to your being as he will help in removing negative energy off of your soul. This will help you feel lighter and more energetic.

Do all that you can to purify your living area to. Say mantras of prayer before and after sleep. Start and end your day by being positive and enjoy life. Try not to be consumed in needing to have this answer, as it will come to you when you pick yourself up, release old, show compassion for all and enjoy everyday like it is the first day of your life.

I only work in a year, but I do see progress with this relationship moving forward. By the way–You are worthy.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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