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Dear Frank’s peeps,

Can you please tell me do my hands and body hold energy for healing? I feel they do and am I connecting to my guides and angels properly? Can they hear me as I keep asking to hear them? I maybe slightly impatient. Thank you. xx


Patricia G.


Hello Patricia,

I hear that indeed your body holds energy for healing. It must be said though, that the statement holds true for everyone. Some can do it better than others and some will take a long time to learn how to channel the energy properly. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to be able to work with healing energy through your hands to benefit other people. It must be also noted that there are many ways to heal other than by hands.

Judging by your statement and question, my peeps seem to concur that more training, practice, reading and meditating is needed. They want you to not be discouraged by what they are asking you to do, as it will get you feeling more confident in your abilities as you progress going forward. More meditating is needed so you can connect with your Guides and Angels in meditation. Try meditating with your focus on meeting them during meditation. Then not only will you see them, but you can also ask your questions directly to them and they can respond to you. Then you will know that they are hearing you and you get some answers to your questions. Guides and Angels will only come when they know that you are dedicated. This means meditating twice daily at the same time everyday with the only purpose is to connect with your Guides and Angels. Ask for patience in prayer to be delivered to you for your own well being and the ability to focus. Be positive throughout your day always keeping a smile. This will increase your positive energy.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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