Dear Frank’s peeps,

Thanks for your help!! I’m a lightworker too, and one of my gifts is to be empathic… and it’s really hard for me living with this. Do you have any suggestion for me?? May the light of God surround you. I bless you.


Manon B.


Hello Maron,

Being an empath is no easy life, but the benefits out way the drawbacks. Learning to live with it takes patience and practice. I hear from my peeps to keep something on hand that you hold dearly to your heart. Bring it out when you are filled with anxiousness and hold it, putting your attention on your heart. It will act as a calming agent so you can collect your thoughts, which will allow you to move forward. This is good for a single encounter with someone who has high energy that attaches to you.

Now for the times it is extremely overwhelming with many energies attaching to you. I hear to look into your past and find a wonderful and joyful time you had. An experience that made you very happy and brought in love. Someplace you were or something you did. I hear to incorporate this experience into a meditation that you can always go back to. Use a symbol that will get you there quickly. Practice this meditation daily and for at least a half hour at a time. By doing this, it will calm you down and bring inner peace to you. You will find in time, that you will be able to do this meditation in 2 minutes and it will bring peace to you, so you can collect your thoughts and release those attachments from the many energies that are attacking you. This can be done immediately (2 minutes) and will free you. You can also use this meditation to speak with your guides, angels, ascended masters or whoever you want to invite to be with you. It would be wise to add a bench in this meditation so whoever you invite has a place to sit with you. They can bring clearer guidance to you for you journey.

Now you can also carry a stone with you for protection. There are many stones out there and some work better than others for each individual. Black Tourmaline, Turquoise and Tiger Eye are a few available at Signs of Angels. Work with some stones and feel the energy from them. It is OK to have more than one. Bless the stones and treat them in high regards with prayer and cleansing.

Now the final piece. Start your day with an Prayer of protection and say it any time you feel you need to. Ask Archangel Michael to remove any negative attachments at any time. You have to ask and he is more than willing to accommodate your request. That is what he is there for. At the end of the day ,say a prayer of thanks and ask Archangel Michael to remove any attachments again. Give thanks of gratitude and sleep well.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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