Frank’s peeps,

I want to understand more about guides. Are guides there to help or do they harm?  Are there good and bad guides? Does everyone have a guide?  Are they the same as angels? How can my angels and guides help me?  Is there a special message for me now regarding the challenges and journey I am in right now? Enlightenment and help are truly appreciated.

Thank you and God bless



Hello Patti,

Guides do exist. My peeps, which are my Guides, Angels, Animal Totems and past loved ones known as Spirits are all interconnected in a place that is not seen but is vibrating and felt in a variety of ways.

If you would like to understand more about guides, you have to have an understanding of oneness, being able to feel your own energy and working with the energy to connect to your surrounding. Unless you are gifted in psychic abilities, it will take time, being dedicated and having patience to be able to work with Guides. It could be you are gifted and are just waking up to your abilities. If that is a true statement of you, it will not take that long to connect with them. I hear from my Guides that it will take you some time to connect. Trust in yourself and the abilities that you do have. Have confidence in yourself and be dedicated. Your guides will acknowledge this and will work hard with you to get connected.

Guides are there to help in guiding your journey to a successful end. There are also Guides and Spirits that will try and misguide you. You have to be careful on who you accept to work with. You must take precautions for your well being so as not to get misguided and possibly hurt. Always work in the Divine White Light and always ask Arch Angel Michael to be with you for even more protection. Anytime you do not resonate with energy that is around you, invite Arch Angel Michael to remove this energy from your presence. This is a sacred place to go, so treat it as such and you will have no problems getting wonderful guidance for your journey.

Yes everyone has a master Guide and usually 2-6 other Guides that are around them to help in their daily life. As you change your path, so do your Guides.

Guides are not the same as Angels. Guides are there to help move you forward in life but they are also teachers. A guide is not necessarily filled with love, but they truly are from Love. This just means they can be hard on you as a teacher, you know like in school. Now Angels are nothing like Guides but rather more of a motherly energy filled with Love for you. They are always with you keeping you warm and sending Love. You also came into being with an Angel assigned to you at birth that is always there for you. Different from Guides though, is that you have to ask an Angel for help. Angels will help in aligning the universe to bring to you what it is that you are asking for.

I hear from my peeps that you have an ability to help by way of speaking. You might feel that people do not listen to you but in time your voice can change a persons way of thinking. This is a powerful energy. A speaker some day.

Learn meditation as this will help in removing noise from your brain and allowing you to hear your own peeps bringing you guidance for your next step going forward. Believe in yourself and listen from the heart. Be Joyful, Happy, Grateful and Peaceful. These feelings help in manifesting what it is you are looking for.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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