Frank’s peeps,

Why don’t people like me?


Theresa J.


Hello Theresa,

I hear from my peeps that you should take control of your life. Spend less time on other projects for others and concentrate on your happiness. Spending time on you gives great satisfaction and joy to life itself. When you are happier with your life, you will bask in the energy flow of good fortune. It would be like winning the lottery of bliss. Now when your outlook changes for the better, you will find the universe will bring more of it to you. I also hear to try and smile as often as possible. Just the action of smiling changes how you feel and what you generate to the outside world. Your guides would like you to try it while looking in a mirror. Look in a mirror, smile and feel the difference the energy is just from the smile. This goes a long way in attracting likes. People like you. The Law of attraction is at play here and this Law absolutely works. Remember that you will attract what you are and what you think.

I also hear that you are a strong empath that absorbs like a dry sponge being dunked in water. This just means that other people’s energy is attaching to you, which affects the way you handle situations. You spontaneously change directions because it seems like the right thing to do. That is being caused by other people’s energy, which influences your decision-making.

I also hear to do some praying for yourself and ask your Guides and Angels to come to you with any help to move forward for yourself. Cleanse yourself at the beginning and end of each day by asking Arch Angel Michael to remove any negative energy that is attached to you. You can also ask him anytime for this help if you are feeling a little down on yourself, as it is highly probable that it is someone else’s energy. Smudging your home will also help. The Native American culture of using sage and burning it with prayer to remove spirit energy works wonders. I also hear to get outdoors into nature, Parks, Mountains, Streams and Oceans to get a breath of fresh air. I hope that helps you find the inner peace you are looking for. You are liked by the way and I hear to tell yourself that you are wonderfully loved.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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