Frank’s peeps,

First I just want to say I am a huge fan of you and Karen. I love your site  I have passed it along to many of my friends and family.

I have a question. I feel like I am being guided to do healing work. I feel like it’s a calling for me now, and I truly believe in what I am doing. Is there a suggestion to enlighten my Energy? I meditate every night and every morning… (I try to) looking for that extra (ump) to jump-start…Thank you

~ Joni  🙂 xox


Hello Joni,

Every now and then we get someone like yourself that is feeling change in their life that takes them into a new horizon spiritually. Its no secret in the spiritual community that the times are changing for the greater good, and people just like yourself are waking up to a new found feeling of the I AM Presence. Blessings to you and to all who want to grow spiritually and share it with the world.

You have said all the right things in your message and I hear from my peeps that you are going to do just fine.

The first thing I hear is to be patient and not to get discouraged with progression that will seem to crawl at a snails pace. Do not focus on any measurement of time.

The second thing I hear is to find people that you can work with on a regular basis. Practice-Practice-Practice.

The third thing I hear is to tell yourself aloud—I Trust in my abilities—I have Confidence in my abilities—I am a Healer as often as you can say them. The vibration of just saying these statements will help in solidifying your connection with energy.

The fourth thing I hear is to pray for your guides and angels to help in guidance on your journey. In prayer, only work in the white light of the Divine. By doing this on a regular basis, your guides and angels will take you serious as to what you want to accomplish and they are more willing to work with you. Also by doing this, they will come to you during meditation and give you clearer guidance. During meditation ask for your peeps to come to you so you can ask questions.

That is enough for now. You will in time get all the help you need with your own guides and angels. Maybe someday you can give me a healing as I feel I will get one from you someday.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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