Frank’s peeps,

What is my spirit guide’s name, and how can I better connect with her/him?



Hello Collinette,

There are countless Spirit Guides that will interact with everyone. Spirit Guides will come and go as often as you change your clothes. You also have a Master Guide that oversees your spiritual well being. You have an animal totem that is around you. I pick up and feel the presence of a Leopard. Animal totems are also spirit guides that work in the realm of enchantment. They are the guides to help in resolving our own deep rooted issues. They help you in crossing over to other realities. They lead you to answers and help in curing our own manifested diseases. They help you in bringing clarity to situations you are stuck on.

A little info about the Leopard. The Leopard is a hunter, shares in the energy of physical strength and teaches us about the earth plane in a shamanic way of life. If you have desires, now is the time to go after them. Also a Leopard has a very keen sense of sight. So pay attention to what you see and keep an eye on your possessions. If you want more info about Leopards as an animal totem, you can google it and find much info on this animal totem.

Your guides are always trying to get your attention however they can. It could be sound, sight, or a heightened sense of feeling. More often, most people do not respond to sound, sight or feeling. People tend to ignore these intuitive senses as nothing at all, but indeed guidance is being pushed their way. To learn how to connect with them will take patience. First, work with all of your senses (sight-hearing-touching-smelling-tasting) as these God given senses also interact with the spirit side. If for instance you feel a tickle on your cheek, ask if that was spirit and ask the spirit to tickle the other cheek for proof. Believe in what you are trying to achieve and Trust in them and your own abilities. Very important! The spirit side will work with you if you are dedicated and serious. Ask them to meet you halfway. They work at a different vibration level than humans, so if you ask them to lower their vibration and you try raising your vibration you might find your senses picking up more connected energy between yourselves. This leads to communication.

Last, I cannot say this enough about being spiritual and finding answers to everything. This is for everyone. MEDITATION! Finding peace and quietness in ones life is not easy. With lots of patience, everyone can quiet the mind so as to allow yourself to find your inner self. When you can get there, you will find all the answers to all of your questions. You can also meet your guides, angels, past loved ones and any other energy you wish to encounter. I also tell you to only work in the Divine White Light of Love, otherwise you can invoke the energies of a lower vibration. This is not a good idea and can lead to being misguided. I hope that helps you.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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