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Frank’s peeps,

I was involved in a long distance relationship for a number of years.  We have since broken up due to his lack of commitment. I find that at my age of 60, I am having a hard time finding a way to meet new men. I am an independent person, but find life rather meaningless if there is no one to share the joys and sorrows with. I have asked the angels to help me find that special person, but the weeks and months go on – it’s like a vast desert. My life consists of working hard, and then driving home to my tiny country town. What do you see in my future?  Is it too late for me?

Thank you for your help,



Hello Ann,

I hear from my peeps that you can make better use of your energy by making time for enjoyment. It is a time to reestablish yourself as a vibrant energy filled woman going forward rather than holding onto a past and allowing deep feelings of loneliness to hold you prisoner. Know that there is a wonderful world out there ready to be explored with your light ever glowing to bring to you what you are looking for. You need to be filled with joy and love and this will bring more joy and love into your life.

I hear you have some nagging issues that don’t seem to go away. Its time to let go of these issues whether right or wrong and allow for a fresh start. I also hear to spend some time for yourself on a little vacation, near or on water.

Allow yourself to think of home as your castle. You have a wonderful home and your home appreciates you and your being. Outside of your home is filled with life you never seem to enjoy. Its time to get out there and engage yourself with mother earth. You will be surprised as how much mother earth can lift your spirits if you take the time to be connected to nature.

Think in a more positive attitude towards life and life will change the road you are on to a more rewarding and enjoyable future. I hear that there is someone in your future. Pay close attention to the neighborhood you spend your most time, this is where a meeting takes place. Become a little more proactive in this area. Get out and be social with a smile. The law of attraction is at work here. Changes are on the way and it starts with you.


Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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