Frank’s peeps,

So nice to ‘meet’ you.  I speak to your wife often (Love her) and now I finally get to talk to you.  My question is sort of hard to explain and I’m afraid to even start because if I were to read my own question I’d think, well, hello!  What’s the common denominator?  YOU!   So, so many times in my life I have these situations w/ people (mostly close friends) that end w/ them so mad at me that the friendship gets destroyed.  For an example, I’ve had a roommate for the past year. I have tried so hard to be a good roommate. I’m not selfish, I give her space. I’m kind etc…We’ve got into quite a few ‘fights’ over the past year that just leave me w/ my mouth open. I know one of the reasons is that she doesn’t like to ‘talk’ so these fights have been ‘text wars’ which are never ever good. I feel as if I’ve been misunderstood to the point that she thinks I’m a horrible person (pretty clear by the names she called me last night). I don’t like to live around people like that. I don’t name call and I’m never rude.  I’ve learned in my life that it doesn’t matter what others think of me as long as I am comfortable w/ myself, which I am. I would never hurt anyone or say anything to hurt ones feelings. I also know that people come in and out of our lives as the Angels and those above feel it necessary. We are all here to teach each other something and once that lesson has been fulfilled, the relationship sometimes ends.  However, I feel that this is deeper than that. There is SOME lesson that I am not seeing. And I feel that until I figure it out, and learn it, it’s going to keep happening. I can’t take it anymore. I hate losing friends. Esp. over things that are COMPLETELY misunderstood.  I could give you a thousand examples but I don’t think you’ll need them…

Can you help?   Please?

~ Stacey


Hello Stacey,

The first thing I hear from my peeps is for you to work with your own emotions to a point of understanding them. Emotions are energy patterns that you send out and you receive from others. Emotions can lead the best to the bottomless rabbit hole in life. You allow yourself to become too attached to circumstance’s for others. So however nice you are being, your energy alone becomes overbearing. You have an energy that pushes onto other people and some people just want their privacy. Now these people will put up a wall around themselves to create separation, however it can be done. You have to think of it as a defense mechanism that ego put into place to prevent you from interfering with their emotions. After awhile you then become a nuisance. This just leads to more drama. Now your ego steps in claiming you are right and she is wrong and then you start feeling sorry for yourself, which is what ego wants. It is called getting attention.

Misunderstandings come from an action taken, whether spoken or through doing something. Just try to understand that for every action there is a reaction. Try to put yourself into their shoes so you can see the other side. It could be that this person has had a tragic mishap with a relationship and cannot be focused on anything else in her life. Everybody will react to life in a different way from yourself. Be open and allow for others to be who they are without interference unless asked for. You are being kind but sometimes it is just wrong timing.

You made a statement saying it doesn’t matter what others think of me as long as I am comfortable with myself. It is a statement that says you are always right. You also put yourself into a position that does not allow for flexibility with relationships. It is good to feel comfortable with yourself, but be careful not to alienate yourself with people. It could lead to a long and lonely life. You might not understand what I am telling you, but your guides would like you to work with your emotions to understanding them the best you can. I hear to ask a question to yourself when a misunderstanding takes place or anytime you feel the need to. The question is: Do I honor what I just said or did? Listen from within and you will clearly feel good or bad. Sometimes we do not see or understand the things that we do and that questioning will help give you guidance. I also hear from Arch Angel Michael that you are carrying a lot of other peoples energy around and that you can ask him to remove these energies from your being. It will make you feel lighter and happier.

I hope this helps.


Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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