Frank’s peeps,

I just wanted to say I love your page, your newsletters, videos and love you Karen & Frank Borga! I’ve placed a few orders and have been very pleased with everything, thank you so very much!

Frank, if I am selected for a reading I would really love to know if my husband Nicholas will pass his electrician exam for his electrical license? It really means a lot to both of us, and his confidence is a little low that he might not pass. Any advice and insight to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for this opportunity to have a reading done by such a talented person such as you Frank, Many thanks!

Blessings & Light,

Joanne Z


Hello Joanne,

I hear from my peeps that Nicholas has the knowledge to pass this test. I am getting the feeling that he recently took a test but did not fair so well. This test was not a real test, maybe something out of a book. I hear not to give yourself self inflicted wounds of failure to be dancing in your brain; this will just leave you with doubt. This is all fear based and your brain is the ego. I hear to spend some time with procedure-based protocol and in local laws. Do not put added pressure on yourself based on what I am telling you. You allow yourself to be easily swayed in your thought process based on others. Just believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself.

My peeps are saying to take some time and spend it on yourselves with enjoyment and relaxation in mind. You would like to leave stress and life’s complications behind you and keep them there so you can be more relaxed.

Go into the test not thinking that you need to pass it but rather think of it as a marker of your knowledge in this field. This will help immensely with keeping fear out of the picture and calmness flowing endlessly. There is no failing even if you do not pass the test. It is all a matter of learning and getting knowledge. Put it in perspective and know that life continues and I see a wonderful life coming into your lives.

I also hear to cut back on sweets (sodas, cakes, candy and sugar) a week before your test as this will help with clarity and focus. I do not feel caffeine, but if he consumes it to limit intake on the day of the test. I hear a noisy family and I am not sure what that means. Ask family members as in Mothers, Fathers, brothers, Sisters and In-laws to be patient and stay clear for a while. There seems to be some influence here that can be intimidating and not having that around will also help.

Remember Nicholas, my peeps have stated that you have the knowledge to pass this test. This is interesting; I am ending exactly like I started. It seems it is necessary for you to hear it again as it is a confidence booster for you.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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