Dear Frank’s Peeps,

How do I get out of a 10 year Ambien addiction?  For the past year, I have compromised myself for this drug. Yes, I have a prescription but my friend supplies me with more. As a friend, I’m appreciative, but I feel that I have to sleep with him to get enough of this medication. It’s very sad to both of us because I know he knows it as well – our relationship is based around this drug.  I despise this part of me.  What can I do besides rehab?  That is financially out of the question, and I have a lifelong insomnia condition, since childhood.  What do your angels tell you?  This whole situation make feel like the scum of the earth.

Thank you for any help…sincerely, Stephanie

Hello Stephanie,

I hear from my peeps that your guides have been talking to you about change and that it is working. You took a step into writing this question and delivering it to Signs of Angels. Keep listening to your inner voice and it will guide you to freedom. Understand that you have a drug addiction that can be overcome based solely on your desire to quit it. My peeps are saying to put a stop to making excuses for using this medicine. Yes rehab might be expensive and financially out of the question, but there are counseling groups that are free online. Here are just a few––. I also hear it will take some time to ween yourself off of the medicine and to not get discouraged during the process.

You are on a spiritual journey at this moment going between this reality and a dream state reality that was placed on you a long time ago. I hear it is time to revisit a time when you were younger and to give forgiveness. When you are able to release things that are no longer doing you any good. It helps to free the soul and this allows for gaining back respect for yourself and life itself. This will allow you to feel good about yourself again and at the same time release the demons to the universe to be reprocessed into something good. This in turn gives you back your own Power that you control, nobody else now controls it for you. I hear this will also help you sleep better. It is called freedom.

There is a lot of emotional energy that needs to change and I hear that you are capable of accomplishing such a change, so go to work on it. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get past this part of your journey and into a more rewarding, loving and peaceful life. There is no magic here, the magic lies within yourself. Keep listening to your guides—They Know the Way. By the way, you are not the scum of the earth, nobody is. We all have paths that we are on and God does not condemn or judge anyone for the path they are on. If you follow through, you will raise yourself up from the rabbit hole and become a beacon of light for others to follow.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Namaste ~ Frank

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