Dear Frank’s Peeps,

As much as we would love to live in a picture perfect world with a perfect family and a huge bank account, it isn’t always the case.

What advice can you give to help us through the Holiday Season to avoid conflict, disappointment and depression?

Thank you so much ~ Georgianna

Hello Georgianna,

Your guides want you to know that you do live in a picture perfect world, open your eyes, this means get out of tunnel vision and look around. Your mind is a never ending supply of thoughts that can change your view of life in a blink. Unless some catastrophic event happened to you, you will continue to view life the way you see it based on your conditioned thoughts. The good news is you do not need a catastrophic event to look at things around you differently. You have control of what is directly in front of you and everything else is not in your control. It is kinda hard to let go of things you really want to control or help, but there are times when one must let go. It is that time.

It is time to focus on the things you want in life to come your way. Change your thoughts, end your own conflicts with no reservations on who is right and who is wrong and be happy and joyful about the things you do have in your life.

I hear you might want to do something to help the less fortunate. There are food banks, churches, animal shelters and even families and friends that you know that can use a little uplifting in the spirit this time of year. You will find by doing such things and showing compassion for others will uplift your own spirits that will put you at a different level spiritually. You will find that the thoughts of conflict, disappointment and depression will ease its way to the background of your conditioned thoughts. If you do things out of love, you will find new opportunities that will fall into your lap bringing happiness and putting a smile back onto your face. I hear to sing. Get together with friends a do some Christmas caroling amongst yourselves or for your neighbors. Singing has a way to raise your spirits also. Allow yourself to get into the spirit of giving and you will soon realize how wonderful your life really is. Giving by the way is anything from giving a smile to a stranger to helping anyone in need that you can reach out to.

I hope this helps. God Bless and open your eyes to a new window of Life.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank


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