Frank’s peeps,

Good Morning. I had a very strange experience this morning while walking the dog. I always walk the dog early in the morning with no music as I try to use it as a time to think and connect with my angels. I was thinking that I hadn’t had a feather in about 2 months and no signs, so I looked in the sky to the clouds. I first saw a silly cloud that looked almost like a mean genie coming out of a lamp, which then turned to a cartoonish dragon, and then looked like the devil’s face with piercing mean eyes. I told it to go away and kept saying I am not an evil person. When I finally got strong in my thought’s it disappeared and seemed to be blocked by white wisps of clouds (more like angels) I could still see an eye peeking through but the more I concentrated on the angels the more it disappeared. This has NEVER happened to me before and not really sure what to do with it or if it was even my imagination! I thought you might have an answer or explanation for me.




Hello Jodi,

I hear from my peeps that this was nothing more than your mind, better known as ego to get the best of you. Your mind is using doubt to put fear into you’re being. I hear it seems there has been a family matter that is simmering under the skin and the best remedy is to release it to the universe to be better handled. As much as you think you can change the world and you can, there are times to allow things to just be and this is one just time. Stress has a way to block out the world in front of you and this is why you have been missing the signs and the signs you are seeing, you are misreading them.

You know that the word Teacher is all about you and that you have the capability of changing people’s thoughts for the better. Without anything more said from my peeps, you are a healer. You have a wonderful creative side that is also being clouded with judgement about moving forward. Have no fear about moving forward as long as you are listening to you’re heart. Do not second-guess. Remember that you are only as strong as you’re weakest link. Let not doubt be that link.

There is movement in you’re future that is going to bring harmony back into you’re life. I feel change is coming. I hear you have been seeking a new direction with the purpose of helping others to awaken. Listen to your heart, it knows the way home.

With everything I am hearing for you, I would say you are a gifted person and you know this. You will be fine.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do, 

Namaste ~ Frank


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