Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I need help deciding about a new job.

Thanks – Nadine

Hello Nadine,

I read your questions and hearing from my peeps, there are a few things you should know. You lack in confidence and Angels are not in conflict over this situation or with you.

I hear from my peeps that a great release of emotion from your past regarding failure is needed. I believe this stems from childhood and has been carried with you all along in your journey. It is a wall so tall and so thick it seems impenetrable to get to the other side. I hear you can get past it when you truly believe in your capabilities and allow for a new path to open up for you. It takes courage to try something new, so find the courage to break old habits. There have been many openings presented to you that you have not seen because of this wall.

Working from home is very reachable for you if you want it to be this way. Working away from home I hear is just as reachable. I hear that working on yourself in the confidence building area will do great things for your life. I hear you are very capable in the writing area. I am not sure what that means but it seems to be self-explanatory. Maybe writing poems, short stories and even your own biography will help in focusing on removing this block you have.

A lot of your hesitation is fear based coming from deep within your mind. Ego likes to be in control, which for many prevents them from moving forward or harms them in many ways. Ego is causing you to react in a manner that it feels what is best for you, which is causing conflict in your thinking.

Listen to your heart when it comes to serious movement in your life. Try to understand your emotions and sort through them one by one. Allow your free side to escape and spend more time being happy and this will help in being confident in yourself.

I hear that the home job is a good job if you want it to be. If you allow other feelings to get in the way, it could turn out to be painfully miserable. Remember that you have power and you should take it back and not give it away so freely, even to your ego. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Namaste ~ Frank

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