Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Can you please give me insight on my emotional and financial situation? Is the business I am thinking about a good fit?

Thanks – Kim N.

Dear Kim,

I have to say that when I first saw your question, I ran for the next one. That is rare for me to react like that to any question. Your questions are carrying a lot of energy that I am picking up on and it overwhelmed me. You are a loaded energizer rabbit that just keeps going. Whew! Now that said, lets move forward.

Let’s start with your emotional body. I hear from my peeps that a little slowing down would do you wonders. You seem to build on one thing and before you know it, you are building on something else. The cycle does not seem to end. So I hear that one task after another does not get completed and you continue moving forward anyway. It’s like building a house with toothpicks and sooner or later there is too much weight. The house finally falls down on top of itself so you crash and burn. I hear to spend time focusing on your well being and to spend time gaining knowledge for spiritual protection through study. Most of the energy I spoke about earlier belongs to other people, good and bad. Archangel Michael is a protector and helps all that ask for it.

Now the financial situation. I hear that your finances are not great at this time but they will pick up within the later part of this coming year. You are smart but you think too quickly and change your mind even faster. This just keeps you muddled in confusion and not allowing you to move forward in finances. Practice the art in focusing on desired results. Anything you can do to become more grounded to the earth plane will help you to bring success to the table. Remember to learn in the development of spiritual protection otherwise you will stay muddled in confusion. I hope this helps you. I sense you have a bit of learning before you, so find a quiet place for yourself to read, study and just listen to music. This is going to help you in your goals.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Namaste ~ Frank

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