Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I have been trying everything I can to earn money. I try to do the best I can with my job but it isn’t enough. I want to apply for a second job but I don’t think its the best idea. I don’t have a car as it is and have to walk which limits my ability to get a another job. I’m always tired, I don’t get paid enough for what I do. I want to make a living that I work for, I’m chasing my independence. What can I, or should I do to make this happen?

Thanks ~ Kara

Dear Kara,

Everything I hear from my peeps as a response will seem like it does not fit with what you are asking. First thing is to have confidence in your abilities to adjust your thinking to be in a better place. Your thoughts are filled with lack and you have no confidence in yourself, which is keeping you from moving forward. Everything around you seems out of reach for one reason or another.

The first thing I hear is to learn how to relax. Find a place that is quiet, where you can sit with your eyes closed and picture the most wonderful place you know. Become part of this place because you will use it as the place you go to in meditation. In this place you will open up to new thoughts filling you with new ideas that will guide you on different journeys that are placed there for you to explore. This is another way to allow your creative side to open up and give you inner guidance and bring to you freedom. Let go of what people are saying about you as this is just blocking you from moving forward. This will take time and you have to have patience to move forward. Feel good about yourself as your guides are feeling really good about you. This is a good sign.

Find the things that you like doing and go do them. Dance, play, ski, paint or whatever is funnnnn for you. Surround yourself with confident people. You can do this by reading up on successful people or just by hanging out with them, even online. There is an aura about successful and confident people that can transcend to you and it seems the universe would like that to happen for you. I hear that this is what you are seeking but you are looking in the wrong places.

Be honest and truthful about yourself and to yourself. If you do this, things will become more clearer in your head and your decisions will be more precise, sending you in a positive direction.

I don’t know if you know how to meditate as I did not hear from my peeps that you can meditate. But, they did mention finding a quiet place and close your eyes. That is a start to meditation and it is awesome for your being.

The universe brings to you everything that you live, so change some thoughts and you will see that life changes also. Stop chasing your independence and go and create your independence.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Namaste ~ Frank

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