Dear Frank,

In the past year, I have received 2 rejection letters from the Universities that thought was the right choice, I cannot find enough money to pay off debt and am getting toxic jobs, instead of following my passion.

I decided to take action with my studies and apply to other schools, this time, I looked at universities in the UK. Fortunately, I received offer letters from a variety of schools! I thought I was on the right track, but unfortunately, I could not find the funding for tuition to actually attend school. Now, I have a year to figure things out, so I decided to work until then; however, I am struggling with attaining employment that will pay well, and is something I will enjoy.

I have had two jobs in the past few months, but they were so toxic that I actually had to walk out of the last one. Now, I’m unemployed and am at a loss as to the next step and am worried about paying rent, bills etc. I feel like I am just encountering block after block and I am getting very frustrated – I am not sure what I am missing! I know I am getting signs, but I don’t know how to interpret them.

Can you peeps help out? Thanks! Sam

Dear Sam,

Yes, the Angels are giving you signs and so are your Guides. Try not to ignore those subtle moments when something catches your eye. Most of your signs are coming in the form of words, something you see on an ad or a passing vehicle with pictures and words on it. Your Angels want you to keep searching your inner passions for a more true direction for your life. It is no surprise that some of your chosen directions are being blocked. The timing is not right for you to follow the path you are looking at without first completing some predetermined experience that most be learned.

I am hearing that you should spend some time in nature. While in nature, try meditating on what excites you. This will lead to a more satisfying and connected energy to the earth plain. This will help in finding a new direction you can take with your higher self guiding you, to a more fullfilling and joyful time. I hear there is alot of experiences that you will indeed come to experience that is going to change your direction.

I hear that donating your time to helping (animal shelter, working with elderly and even children) is something that you will benefit from. Doing some things that might sound not great are actually great for the self and this is where the Angels are trying to get you to be more connected to.

I also hear to release old wounds. I did not get clearity on this, but they said you would know. Forgiveness is a wonderful energy that allows more energy of a loving foundation to enter into your being.

Let go of fear. If you hold onto this energy, you will forever be tied to it and it will not allow you to be yourself.

Ask Arch Angel Michael to release any unwanted energies that is gripping you. He will gladly remove them, but you have to ask.

Lastly, Love who you are without any other person telling you differently. It is ok to live and let live and still be in harmony with life. Be kind in your words and be grateful for everything that comes your way, good or bad.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Namaste ~ Frank

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